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Bob Hertzberg has dedicated his life’s work to serving people. He’s built up a track record of solving problems big and small.

California Lt. Governor

Eleni Kounalakis

Selected Activities

Public Policy


National Speakers Conference (NSC)                     USC Schwarzenegger Institute

at State Legislative Leaders Foundation                    for State and Global Policy

Member, Board of Directors, 2000 to 2005             Member, Board of Advisors

Centerville, Massachusetts                                      Los Angeles, California

2000 to 2012                                                      2012 to Present


Rose Institute of State and Local Government           USC Price School of Public Policy

Claremont McKenna College                                 Member, Board of Councilors

Member, Board of Governors                                Los Angeles, California

Claremont, California                                           2003 to Present

2006 to Present

                                                                         USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences 

Pepperdine School of Public Policy                         History and Culture, Board Member

Member, Board of Visitors                                     Los Angeles, California

Malibu, California                                               2005 to 2009

2003 to Present                                                  

                                                                         Coro Associates

USC Keston Institute for Public Finance                   Member, Board of Governors

& Infrastructure Policy                                           Los Angeles, California

Fellow                                                                1980 to 1981

Los Angeles, California                                        

2005 to 2009

International Policy


The China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance           Council of Foreign Relations

Member, Board of Directors                             Member

Los Angeles, California                                   Los Angeles, California

2012 to 2019                                               2011 to Present


Los Angeles World Affairs Council                   Pacific Council on International Policy

Board Member                                              Member

Los Angeles, California                                   Los Angeles, California

2008 to 2011                                               2001 to 2012

State Government Policy


Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC)                      California Forward

Chairman of Executive Committee                               Co-Chair, Board of Directors

Inaugural Member, Statewide Leadership Council          Los Angeles, California

Member, Board of Directors                                        2009 to 2012

Los Angeles, California

2008 to 2013                                                          California Center for Regional


Think Long Committee of California                             Board Member

Member, Board of Directors                                        Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California                                              2005 to 2009

2010 to 2014                                                      

                                                                                                        District Securities Advisory Comm.

Center for Governmental Studies                                State Treasurer's Office

Board Member                                                         Vice Chairman

Los Angeles, California                                             San Francisco, California

2004 to 2011                                                         1984 to 1988

Business / Economic Policy


Southern California Leadership Council                    L.A. County Economic Development Corp.

Board Member                                                      (LAEDC) Chair                                          

Los Angeles, California                                           Los Angeles, California

2005 to 2014                                                       2004 & 2011                                                               

Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce                  Valley Economic Development Center

Member, Executive Committee                                  Member, Board of Directors

Los Angeles, California                                            Los Angeles, California

2006 to 2010                                                        2003 to 2004

Bob Hertzberg is the type of leader who fights relentlessly for the people her serves.

U.S. Congressman

Brad Sherman

Bob Hertzberg works to break down barriers and get things done.

San Fernando City Councilmember

Cindy Montanez




Mailing Address:

5820 Canoga Ave., Suite 300

Woodland Hills, CA 91367

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