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He is a high-velocity work; he loves BIG ideas and will flesh out every one of them if you give him a chance.

Los Angeles Times, Hertzberg vs. Villaraigosa,


Books ... Authored & Co-Authored

Workin’ Clothes: 2 Decades of Ideas, 2021

Yiddish for Legislators, 2nd Ed.



Yiddish for Assemblymembers



Legislative Leadership

State Legislative Leaders Foundation, 2001

Hugging the Hurricane



San Fernando Valley Community Resource Guide

1997, 1998, 2000, 2014 

California Lis Pendens Practice

Second Edition

University of California

Co-author Michael D. Berk, Dean J.       Zipser, Craig H. Scott; Contributor:       California, Continuing Education of       the Bar

Editor: Craig H. Scott


Lis Pendens Practice 

University of California

Co-Author Thomas M. Regele; Contributor: California Continuing Education of the Bar

Editor: Craig H. Scott


A Commonsense Approach to Good English

University of Redlands


The Catalyst and the King: Frank E. Brown and East San Bernardino Water Development, 1871-1893             

Redlands Historical Society



Selected Op-Eds

Proposals would radically improve California’s referendum process
May 12, 2021


California high court’s historic bail ruling just a first step
Mercury News 

Co-Author Nancy Skinner
May 1, 2021


California must invest in new homeownership
Southern California News Group
March 7, 2021

The bail industry defeated Prop. 25, California must continue criminal justice reforms
The Sacramento Bee
Co-Authors Nancy Skinner, Rob Bonta
January 27, 2021

Give Consumers Back Their Power Over Data Breaches: Bob Hertzberg

LA Daily News
October 28, 2020

California needs to continue to set ambitious climate change goals. But let’s do our homework, too
The Sacramento Bee
August 27, 2019

Bots can no longer perpetuate misleading messages in California - without identifying themselves first
July 1, 2019

Cannabis companies are forced to deal in cash. Here’s how that could change
April 3, 2019

Bank cannabis for a safer, more responsible Los Angeles
Los Angeles Daily News

Co-Author Fiona Ma
June 16, 2018

Bot or not- The public deserves to know
The Mercury News

April 19, 2018


California traffic fines prey on poor
The Sacramento Bee
Co-Author Emmett D. Carson
January 8, 2018

How to combat the Trump tax
The San Francisco Chronicle
Co-Author Laura D. Tyson
January 2, 2018


Bail system will be fairer if California passes this bill
Los Angeles Daily News
Co-Author Rob Bonta
May 30, 2017

CSUN Can’t Be Ignored in Los Angeles County Transit Plan

Los Angeles Daily News
June 20, 2016


Cal-Access Proved in Three Hours Why It Needs Immediate Upgrades

Los Angeles Daily News

Co-Author Jim Heerwagen, Kathay Feng, and Rob Lapsley

May 4, 2016


California Needs to Reinvent Its Commitment to Justice

Los Angeles Daily News

January 19, 2016


Stop Dumping Good Water Into The Ocean

Los Angeles Daily News

October 2, 2015

How Government Should Work

San Fernando Valley Business Journal

August 24, 2015


Think Big (Data) to Improve Access to Government

San Jose Mercury News

August 20, 2015


Help Young Lawyers Do The Right Thing

Los Angeles / San Francisco Daily Journal

August 19, 2015


California Needs a Comprehensive Tax System Overhaul

Los Angeles Daily News

Co-Author Laura Tyson, Edward Kleibard

January 2, 2015


Californians Want Trustworthy Solutions

California Forward

Co-Author Thomas McKernan

March 4, 2011


Key to Reforming the State is to Think Globally

Sacramento Bee

Co-Author Thomas McKernan

May 26, 2009

The Catalyst and the King: Frank E. Brown and East San Bernardino

Water Development, 1871-1893             

Redlands Historical Society





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