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Public Service

USC Schwarzenegger Institute 

for State and Global Policy

Member, Board of Advisors

Los Angeles, California

2012 to Present

The China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance

Member, Board of Directors

Los Angeles, California

2012 to 2019

Task Force on Climate Adaptation

Appointed by  Governor Schwarzenegger

Los Angeles, California

2010 to 2011

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Sacramento Bee 2019 California Influencers

Contributor, Energy & Environment


Metropolitan Water District

Blue Ribbon Committee on 50-Year Water Plan

Los Angeles, California

2010 to 2011


California Center for Regional Leadership

Board Member

Los Angeles, California

2005 to 2009

Mulholland Tomorrow

Los Angeles, California


2002 - 2007

Board Member

1984 to 2007

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Significant Legislation

SB 54 - Solid Waste: Reporting, Packaging, and Plastic Food Service Ware

*Chaptered 6/30/22*

This bill establishes the Plastic Pollution Prevention and Packaging Producer Responsibility Act

(Act), which imposes minimum content requirements for single-use packaging and food service ware and source reduction requirements for plastic single-use packaging and food service ware, to be achieved through an extended producer responsibility (EPR) program.

SB 1131 (2017-2018) – Electrical and Gas Corporations: Energy Efficiency 

*Chaptered 9/19/2018*

This bill requires the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to authorize investor-owned utilities (IOUs) incentives for customized industrial, agricultural, commercial, residential, and public sector energy efficiency projects based on nationally recognized measurement and verification standards and establishes new requirements and timelines for the CPUC’s review of these projects.

SB 473 (2017-2018) - Protected species: incidental take: consistency determinations. 

*Chaptered 9/10/2018*

This bill makes a series of technical changes to the California Endangered Species Act made after consultation with a variety of academic, conservation, and business organizations and technical assistance provided b y the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and establishes a public review process for the development of recovery planning guidelines, create a recovery planning process subject to appropriation, add flexibility for considering the take of candidate species, and make other technical changes.


SB 134 (2019-2020) – Water Conservation: Water Losses: Enforcement 

*Chaptered 8/30/2019*

This bill prohibits the State Water Resources Control Board (Water Board) from imposing liability for a violation of the performance standards for the volume of water losses except as part of the enforcement of an urban water use objective.

Other Significant Legislative

Environmental Achievements


Hammered out a settlement on prudent water policies that advanced landmark agriculture-to-urban water transfers and provided a framework to end nearly seven decades of California/Colorado River water disputes.

toninote_senate_floor_h_mg_2069 copy.jpg

Legislative Committees

California State Senate


Natural Resources and Water

Chair, 2017 to 2018

Member, 2015 to 2022


Natural Resources and Water,

Water Future for the Century



2017 to 2018


Governor’s 2019 Report: Wildfires and 

Climate Change – California’s Energy Future

Select Committee

2019 to 2020

California Ocean Protection Council

(Senate Appointment)

2017 to 2018

Featue Items

Honors and Awards

West Basin Municipal

Water District

Legislator of the year


CNBC European Business

Top 100 Low-Carbon Pioneers


The Guardian (UK)

50 People Who Could

Save the Planet


Council for Watershed Health

Distinguished Service Award


Healthy Watershed


The Coalition of the Environment

and Jewish Life in So. California

Environmentalist of the Year



What People Are Saying

"In one way or another, in the public arena or the private sector, Hertzberg has worked in the water and energy world for the past four decades."

Matt Williams

CA Municipal Utilities Assn

"Robert Hertzberg knows the difference between talking about global warming and actually doing something about it."

Katie Couric, CBS Eye to Eye

"(A) list of the 50 people most able to prevent the continuing destruction of the planet."

50 People Who Could

Save the Planet

The Guardian Magazine (UK)


Recognized Mr. Hertzberg as “one of its Top 100 Low-Carbon Pioneers"

CNBC European Business




Workin’ Clothes: 2 Decades of Ideas, 2021


November 2, 2020

The San Francisco Chronicle

What California can learn from Cape Town about water policy

October 2, 2015

Los Angeles Daily News

Stop Dumping Good Water Into The Ocean

August 27, 2019

The Sacramento Bee

California needs to continue to set ambitious climate change goals. But let’s do our homework, too

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