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In one way or another, in the public arena or the private sector, Hertzberg has worked in the water and energy world for the past four decades.

Matt Williams, CA Municipal Utilities Assn.

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Significant Legislation

SB 134 (2019-2020) – Water Conservation: Water Losses: Enforcement 

*Chaptered 8/30/2019*

This bill prohibits the State Water Resources Control Board (Water Board) from imposing liability for a violation of the performance standards for the volume of water losses except as part of the enforcement of an urban water use objective.



SB 205 (2019-2020) – Business Licenses: Storm Water Discharge Compliance 

*Chaptered 10/2/2019*

This bill requires businesses to demonstrate enrollment with storm water discharge permits when applying for, or renewing, a business license with a city or county.



SB 273 (2021-2022) – Stormwater Capture and Diversion Authority

*Chaptered 9/23/2021*

This bill authorizes municipal wastewater agencies to enter into voluntary agreements with entities responsible for stormwater management – including municipal, industrial, and commercial stormwater dischargers – to more effectively manage stormwater and dry weather runoff.



SB 552 (2021-2022) – Drought Resilient Communities Act

*Chaptered 9/23/2021*

This bill improves drought preparedness for small and rural communities by making various changes to local drought and water shortage contingency plans and by enhancing coordination between local and state governments, small water suppliers, and rural communities.

SB 664 (2015-2016) – Water: Urban Water Management Planning 

*Chaptered 10/9/2015*

This bill requires an urban water supplier to include a seismic risk assessment and mitigation plan for their water system in their urban water management plan.



SB 606 (2017-2018) – Water Management Planning

*Chaptered 5/31/2018*

This bill requires the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) and the Department of Water Resources (DWR) to adopt water efficiency regulations, outlines requirements for water suppliers, specifies penalties for violations, and makes technical, conforming changes.


SB 1215 (2017-2018) – Provision of Sewer Service:

Disadvantaged Communities 

*Chaptered 9/30/2018*

This bill authorizes the Regional Water Quality Control Boards (regional boards) to order the provision of sewer service to a disadvantaged community that has inadequate onsite sewage treatment systems. 

AB 2717 (2001-2002) – Water: Desalination

*Chaptered 9/27/2002*

Requires the Department of Water Resources (DWR) to report to the Legislature on potential opportunities for the use of seawater and brackish water desalination in California, not later than July 1, 2004.

Robert Hertzberg knows the difference between talking about global warming and actually doing something about it.

Katie Couric

CBS Eye to Eye

(A) list of the 50 people most able to prevent

the continuing destruction of the planet.

50 People Who Could Save the Planet

The Guardian Magazine (UK)

Featue Items

Honors and Awards

West Basin Municipal Water District

Legislator of the year


Council for Watershed Health

Distinguished Service Award

2015, May

Healthy Watershed


Legislative Committees

Committee Membership


California State Senate


Natural Resources and Water Committee


2017 to 2018


2015 to 2022


Subcommittee of Natural Resources and Water, 

Water Future for the Century


2017 to 2018                                                              



Senate Appointments


California Ocean Protection Council, 2017 to 2018



California State Assembly


Select Committee on Underground Water Quality

2001 to 2002



Other Appointments


District Securities Advisory Commission

State Treasurer's Office

Vice Chairman

San Francisco, California

1984 to 1988

Other Significant Activities

Negotiated August 1998 lining of (California) All American Canal agreement.


2001 negotiations on Colorado River settlement agreement.

Workin’ Clothes: 2 Decades of Ideas  2021


October 2, 2015

Los Angeles Daily News

Stop Dumping Good Water Into The Ocean

November 2, 2020

The San Francisco Chronicle

What California can Learn from Cape Town about Water Policy







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